Networking Magic has specialized in web site design and internet marketing for attorneys and law firms for 11 years. Our law firm sites rank at the top of the search engines because we live internet marketing and search optimization every day.

Our expertise combines embedded search optimization, comprehensive social media marketing and responsive web design into one powerful marketing system for your practice.

Target all of the on-line marketing channels in one simple package.

Our Content Management System allows you to include and update an unlimited number of Practice Area pages, Attorney pages and staff. We've built-in the optimization and microcode so every page fits the expectations of the top search engines.

When we add-in social media posting, blogging and video marketing you'll dramatically increase your rankings in the search engines and your telephone and email inquiries.

The Complete All-Inclusive On-line Law Firm Marketing System!

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Automatic Search Engine Optimization for Law Firms


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Our Search Optimization is Almost Magic

Our PROg Search Optimization integrates the best practices of the major search engines directly into the site structure. It includes embedded Microcode Tagging because we know it boosts the level of information that the search robots use to index your site.

Auto-enabled Search Optimization
including Advanced Microcode

Google Search Optimization for Law Firms
Automatic Bing Optimization for Law Firms
Attorney Web Site Optimization for Yahoo

Google+, LinkedIn, Video and Facebook Marketing Experts

Site Optimization only gets you so far. Our experts can get your firm set up in Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook Business for the even bigger boost in traffic. The proof is in the pudding and we regularly see traffic increases of up to 45% just from marketing your firm properly on social media.

Full Site Updating, Social Marketing and Support

Content Management System for Law Firm Web Sites
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